Strategic Plan 2011-2015

Division of Student Engagement and Success, Strategic Planning & Assessment

The Division of Student Engagement and Success at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi provides excellent opportunities in a supportive environment for students to be engaged on and off campus.  In support of the University mission, we help students develop leadership skills, engage in the campus community, embrace diversity and attain their educational goals.  We prepare students for careers, lifelong learning and responsible citizenship.


I:  Provide EXCELLENT programs and services that ENGAGE students in their campus and community.

Goal 1:  Prepare students for lifelong learning and responsible citizenship in a global community.

Objective 1.1:  Provide programs and experiences that develop skills to be responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

  • Strategy 1.1.1 – Provide students the tools to be lifelong learners by enhancing current programs and collaborating with Academic Affairs to incorporate life skills into the curriculum.
  • Strategy 1.1.2 – Expand service learning and civic engagement opportunities for students.
  • Strategy 1.1.3 – Create an environment that promotes civility, integrity and respect.


Goal 2:  Provide a safe and supportive campus environment that encourages leadership development and engaged learning. 

Objective 2.1:  Provide programs to promote a safe and secure campus environment.

  • Strategy 2.1.1 – Create initiatives to better address campus Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) issues among college students.
  • Strategy 2.1.2 – Collaborate with campus and community to manage risk and provide quality programs and services that promote and address safety concerns.

Objective 2.2:  Provide a campus environment that encourages and supports leadership development and engaged learning.

  • Strategy 2.2.1 – Provide programs that support and assist non-traditional students with college transition and success.


Goal 3:  Provide programs, services and opportunities to develop diverse and highly qualified graduates.

Objective 3.1:  Address the needs of a diverse student body.

  • Strategy 3.1.1 – Develop and implement programs and services to meet the needs of a diverse student body.

Objective 3.2: Educate students on diversity and social justice issues.

  • Strategy 3.2.1 – Collaborate with campus and community to educate students on diversity and social justice issues.

Objective 3.3 Prepare students to graduate with the professional and personal skills necessary for success.

  • Strategy 3.3.1 – Provide leadership programs, services and opportunities to develop professional skills.
  • Strategy 3.3.2 – Provide programs and services to develop personal skills.
  • Strategy 3.3.3 – Provide programs and services based on the Wellness Wheel.


Goal 4:  Attract and support highly qualified staff committed to fulfilling the mission of the Division of Student Engagement and Success.

Objective 4.1:  Attract, support and retain highly qualified staff committed to the division mission.

  • Strategy 4.1.1 – Provide competitive salaries to attract and retain personnel.
  • Strategy 4.1.2 – Provide opportunities for growth and development of professional staff.
  • Strategy 4.1.3 – Attract and hire staff that is able, and committed, to fulfilling the division’s mission.
  • Strategy 4.1.4 – Provide a nurturing environment that fosters staff retention.


Goal 5:  Build and sustain supportive relationships with the campus and community.

Objective 5.1:  Encourage and recognize engagement with, and contributions to, the campus, the community and the profession.

  • Strategy 5.1.1 – Promote opportunities and support employees to hold volunteer and leadership positions with the campus, the community and professional associations.
  • Strategy 5.1.2 – Develop a division recognition program to highlight campus, community and professional involvement.
  • Strategy 5.1.3 – Develop and enhance partnerships with local, state and federal agencies.
  • Strategy 5.1.4 – Market Student Engagement and Success programs, services and accomplishments to the campus and community.


II:  Manage resources EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVELY to meet the needs of EXPANSION.

Goal 6:  Manage resources efficiently, effectively and responsibly.

Objective 6.1 Manage human resources in order to provide optimal staffing.

  • Strategy 6.1.1 – Build an organizational structure to align with student population growth.
  • Strategy 6.1.2 – Continually analyze staffing, workload and assignments to best utilize all human resources

Objective 6.2:  Manage financial, physical and technological resources.

  • Strategy 6.2.1 – Utilize tangible assets to gain maximum value.
  • Strategy 6.2.2 – Manage technological resources and needs.


Goal 7:  Expand programs, services and facilities to keep pace with an expanding student enrollment.   

Objective 7.1:  Expand programs, services and facilities to meet student needs.

  • Strategy 7.1.1 – Increase programs and services to meet needs.
  • Strategy 7.1.2 – Participate in the development of the institutions campuses.


Strategic Plan 2011-2015 Timeline

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