Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS)


The Division of Student Engagement and Success uses the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) self-study process to facilitate program reviews of functional areas on a rotating basis.  The Division has adopted a five year rotation schedule for functional areas to complete studies.  Every ten years, the self-studies are followed up with an external review.  Action plans are developed from each review and implemented during the period between studies. 

In 2011, the division was awarded the Ted K. Miller Achievement of Excellence Award by CAS.  The Miller Award is the council’s highest recognition and was established to honor outstanding accomplishment in advancing standards of practice and quality assurance in educational programs and services in higher education.

CAS Study Rotation Schedule

2017 Multicultural Programs CAS Action Plan

2015 Clinical Healthcare Services CAS Action Plan

2015 College Unions CAS Action Plan

2015 Recreational Sports Programs CAS Action Plan

2015 Student Conduct Programs CAS Action Plan

2014 Camden Miramar Housing CAS Action Plan (Updated 2016)

2014 Internship Programs CAS Action Plan

2013 Campus Activities CAS Action Plan

2013 Disability Services CAS Action Plan

2013 Leadership Programs CAS Action Plan